How to Get Past a Barracuda Web Filter

Updated February 21, 2017

Barracuda is a web filter program that blocks and prevents threats and computer risks. The program was developed by Barracuda Networks in 2002 and is commonly employed by schools to block content that may contain spam and spyware. It can also be used to block access to specific websites in general. There are many proxy websites that you can go to in order to bypass Barracuda. However, they change often once Barracuda hears of them.

Search for a proxy mailing list that sends out several proxy websites per week. Barracuda may record your browsing history, so if a proxy site is located, chances are it will not work more than once or twice, especially if it is well known. Signing up for a proxy mailing list will give you access to proxy websites as they are developed.

Type in the full URL for the web address that you want to go to, rather than just the domain. Some web filtering services, such as Barracuda, only block the domain name, not the entire URL. For example, you would type "http://" rather than "www."

Go to a search engine and type in the full URL, rather than just the domain name. This can help you bypass the filter because you are using the search engine instead of typing in the address in the web browser.

Check websites at different times of the day. Users are able to configure the web filter for particular times of the day.

Go to your e-mail program and find your Barracuda e-mail message. Barracuda sends daily e-mails about the filter, if you want to bypass a website that is blocked by your e-mail's firewall.

Click the "To Manage Your Preferences, Click Here" link in the email. Click "Preferences" and "Quarantine."

Click "No" under "Options" and select "Save Changes."

Open the "Spam Settings" tab and select "No" and click "Save Changes."

Open the "Virus Checking" section and click "No." Click "Off" under the "Barracuda Real-Time Protection" section and click "Save Changes."

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