How to make a "Kill Bill" Gogo Yubari costume

Updated April 17, 2017

Chiaki Kuriyama plays Gogo Yubari, a 17-year-old schoolgirl, in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill: Vol. 1." Gogo is O-Ren's bodyguard and an assassin who delights in killing for killing's sake. Bloodthirsty and fuelled by a traumatic experience when she was a little girl, this still young girl goes head to head with The Bride, Uma Thurman's character, and uses a single-headed meteor hammer as her weapon. Gogo remains a popular costume at comic book and anime conventions, as well as for fancy dress parties. Her costume is fairly simple to put together.

The meteor hammer

Wrap twine around the ball once at the centre point, passing the twine through the last link of the black plastic chain and securing it with a knot. Keep wrapping the twine at various points around the ball in the same manner at least five more times. The twine is going to grip the ball and secure it to the black plastic chain link so if you swing it the ball does not fly off.

Wrap masking tape around the entire surface of the twine-covered ball, leaving only the chain uncovered.

Make the meteor hammer's spikes. Cut six circles with a diameter of 7.5 cm (3 inches) from your sheet of paper. Fold each circle and tape them into cone shapes. Attach the six cone shapes to the ball using masking tape.

Drill a hole at the end of your broom handle. The hole should be at least 3 mm (1/8 inch) in diameter so you can easily pass a piece of twine through it.

Cut a 15 cm (6 inch) piece of twine and pass it through the hole you just drilled at the end of the broom handle as well as through the other end of the black plastic chain. Tie the twine to secure the ball and chain to the wooden broom handle.

Spray paint the ball and handle with silver paint and set the completed meteor hammer aside until it dries thoroughly. Apply a second coat and set aside until it dries thoroughly.

The outfit

Put on a white collared shirt, leaving the top button unbuttoned. Tie a red bow tie around your neck, making one knot and letting either side of the tie fall loose.

Put on a short, tartan, pleated skirt. To be faithful to the character, make sure it's blue and falls about to mid-thigh.

Put on a navy blue blazer. To be faithful to the character, find a two-gold-button blazer and button it closed. Draw a badge onto a piece of cardboard with markers and pin it to the blazer's lapel.

Put on a pair of knee-high white socks and white sneakers.

Put on a long, brown-haired wig with straight fringe. You can skip the wig if you have long dark hair and straight fringe.

Things You'll Need

  • Twine
  • 10 cm (4 inch) diameter foam ball
  • 45 cm (18 inch) black plastic chain link (spray paint black, if necessary)
  • Masking tape
  • Paper
  • 12.5 cm (5 inch) wooden broom handle
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Silver spray paint
  • White dress shirt
  • Red bow tie
  • Tartan pleated skirt
  • Navy blue blazer
  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Safety pins
  • Knee-high white socks
  • White trainers
  • Wig
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