How to get free groceries using coupons

Updated April 17, 2017

Grocery coupons are an inexpensive and powerful advertising option for stores. For consumers, they are a popular way to save money, and a tool that has been around for decades. Families can save a significant percentage of their grocery budgets by using coupons.

There are coupons that take cents off of grocery items, but coupons that enable consumers to get groceries for free are even better. These coupons are not difficult to find. There are various places to look for them.

Find the weekly announcement or newspaper from your local supermarket. Coupons for free groceries are sometimes inside. Buy one get one free coupons can also be found there. For example, a buy one get one free coupon for a brand of shampoo will get you two bottles of shampoo, saving you as much as £6.

Locate coupons for free groceries inside the stores. Save with coupons at coupon machines, also known as "blinkies" due to their blinking lights. Look for coupon dispensers found at the freezer section of a grocery store. Use tearpads as another way to save money. These are placed above the product, and contain coupons that tear off. Look for peel-off coupons that are attached to a product. Some stores offer coupons at check out that print out on your store receipt or print out along with your receipt.

Find free printable coupons online. This is one of the fastest ways to discover them. Simply print the coupons on your home printer, and bring them to the stores. Some stores offer electronic coupons on their websites that customers can download to their shopper cards. Clipping paper coupons is no longer the only way.

Send away for manufacturer coupons. With this option, you will not get the savings right away. However, your discount will be sent to you in the mail. Find forms or information about obtaining these coupons on grocery store notice boards or on the manufacturer's website.


Pay attention to the expiration date on the coupons so you don't miss the savings. Consider joining a coupon clipping group where trading coupons is another way to get free groceries.

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