How to get blood out of light colored carpet

Updated February 21, 2017

A blood stain on a light coloured carpet might seem downright impossible to remove. You might get a large blood stain from something like a bloody nose, or head wound -- or a small blood stain from something simple, like a paper cut or a skinned knee. No matter where the blood came from, you need to act quickly to remove it. Dried blood will be much harder to remove than a fresh blood stain.

Place a white paper towel over the fresh blood stain. Press firmly and repeatedly on it, to remove the wet blood.

Add one tablespoon of ammonia and ½ cup of water to a spray bottle.

Saturate the light coloured carpet in the ammonia solution.

Remove the ammonia solution with a paper towel, using the same blotting technique mentioned in step one.

Squirt a few tablespoons of a pH neutral detergent -- one that does not contain bleach -- onto the blood stain. Rub it in with a clean cloth.

Fill a new spray bottle with plain water and saturate the light coloured carpet again. Blot repeatedly to dry.

Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the light coloured carpet, if you can still see the blood stain.

Allow the hydrogen peroxide to soak in for about an hour. Then spray with water and blot dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Ammonia
  • Water
  • Spray bottles
  • pH neutral detergent
  • Cloth
  • Hydrogen peroxide
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