How to Clean Fake Blood Off Clothes

Andy Reynolds/Lifesize/Getty Images

Fake blood can be a useful tool for Halloween costumes and performances. There's really no better way to give the look of a bloodthirsty feeding zombie or a gunshot wound without a little fake blood to add gore and realism to your costume. However, the dye in fake blood can be forever damaging to your clothes if you are not careful with removing the stain. While it is generally best to avoid wearing clothes you wouldn't mind ruining when applying fake blood, there are some ways to clean up the stain.

Sprinkle talc powder over the affected area. Fake blood often contains oils which make it difficult to remove with water-based cleaners. When the clothing is dry, sprinkle talc over the stain and rub lightly with a dry cloth. This will most likely not remove the red of the stain, but will make the stain easier to clean.

Pour white vinegar directly onto the stain. Allow the vinegar to set overnight. Similarly, you could also fill a small tub with warm water and splash in vinegar. As the fake blood stain lifts off the clothing, the water may take on a slight pink colour. Rinse thoroughly to remove the stain and vinegar solution. Repeat as needed.

Create a cornstarch and milk paste. This mixture is especially good for removing ink stains like the dyes found in fake blood. Apply the paste directly to the stain. Gently rub the area with a damp cloth to lift the stain. Rinse between applications until the stain is fully lifted.

Soak the clothing in hot water overnight. If by then the stain is not removed, repeat with either a vinegar solution or a cornstarch and milk paste until the stain has been removed.

Avoid heat drying the clothing until all of the stains are removed. Once the dryer has been used, stains have the tendency to forever set into the fabric. If you are trying different methods of stain removal, you should avoid heat drying in between methods until the stain is fully removed.

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