How to get blood out of a duvet

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Duvets are bedspreads that traditionally have a washable removable cover. A duvet also can be the cover itself, purchased separately from the quilt. Duvets can add a new colour palette to a room or make an inexpensive bedspread look stylish. Duvets can also be quite expensive; some of the higher-quality duvets can cost hundreds of dollars. Hard-to-clean stains, including blood stains, can be removed from your duvet at home, potentially saving you a large amount of money on replacement or professional cleaning.

Fill a sink half full with cold water.

Soak the affected area of the duvet in the water for several minutes.

Drain the water and apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the blood stain with a medicine dropper.

Place the duvet into the washing machine on the "cold" setting with laundry soap.

Rewash the duvet with colour-safe bleach on a "cold" setting if the stain has not come out.

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