How to Repair Hockey Gloves

Updated April 17, 2017

Hockey is one of the more physical team sports. From checking to skating hard, shooting the puck and just general wear and tear, equipment can weaken or become damaged over time. Hockey equipment can be expensive to replace, so repairing your worn or damaged equipment can be a better alternative. Sewing skills can help you to repair your hockey gloves, especially when a small hole develops or if a section of the glove becomes weakened and needs reinforcement.

Inspect the hockey glove to identify all damaged areas.

Hold the fabric up to the damaged part of the glove.

Trace around the new fabric to create a patch that will cover the hole or worn section of the hockey glove. If you can match it to an existing part of the glove for a seamless look, that will work best.

Cut the fabric along the traced lines to create your hockey glove patch.

Place the patch on the hockey glove with the side you want to show facing up.

Sew the patch to the glove, starting with the upholstery needle on the inside of the hockey glove.

Fasten the end of the thread with a few knots after you have sewn the entire patch to the glove.

Use scissors to cut the thread and finish your repair job.


Take your time when creating your patch to ensure you don't waste any fabric. If you are uncomfortable repairing your own hockey gloves, you can try to find a local sports shop or leather worker who can repair your gloves for you.


Be careful when using scissors and a sewing needle.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Upholstery needle
  • Thread
  • Fabric (suede, soft leather or vinyl)
  • Pencil
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