How to meet guys outside of school

Updated April 17, 2017

If your school is small or has a very limited selection of "dateable" guys, trying to meet guys outside of school is your best bet for finding a date. However, it can sometimes be difficult to meet new guys if you have a small social circle or spend most of your time at school. If you want to meet new guys, you need to go out more, get involved in activities that are outside of school and be willing to talk to guys you don't know. It's also safe to say that a little confidence goes a long way when it comes to meeting guys.

Participate in activities that are not associated with your school. Taking classes, playing sports, participating in a workshop or even volunteering in your community are all ways you can meet guys outside of school.

Try to make girlfriends who go to other schools. If you start regularly hanging out with girls you like from another school, you will probably meet guys who go to their school as well. By extending your network through girlfriends, you have more opportunities to meet guys outside of school.

Get a part-time job at a local hangout. When you start working somewhere with a social atmosphere, you instantly increase the size of your network. Not only is there a chance you'll meet a guy you work with, you will probably make friends who can introduce you to new guys. You may also meet cute guys who are customers.

Don't be afraid to talk to guys your age. When you're out and you see a cute guy, find an excuse to say something. If you're at the bookstore, make a comment about something he's looking at. If you're at the grocery, tell him which product is better. Actually talking to guys is the most effective way to meet them.

Hang out with your parents and their friends every once in a while. Chances are at least some of your parents' friends have kids your age, some of whom could be boys. Whether you are in high school or college, going to a dinner with your parents and their friends presents yet another opportunity to extend your network, which can help you meet guys outside of school.

Go to concerts and festivals to find guys who are interested in the same things you are. Concerts are a prime location to meet guys who like the same music as you and who don't go to your school. Do your make-up and choose an outfit that shows off your best features but doesn't look overdone. When you see a cute guy at a concert, don't be afraid to go up and say "hi."

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