How to Start a McCulloch Hedge Trimmer

Updated November 21, 2016

McCulloch lawn and garden equipment is designed for use in both residential and commercial landscaping applications. Chainsaws, string trimmers and hedge trimmers are some of the outdoor equipment manufactured by the McCulloch company that is available for purchase from home centres, big-box stores and hardware stores. McCulloch hedge trimmers feature gasoline-powered engines that are designed for easy starting by following a series of steps.

Fill the fuel tank of the McCulloch hedge trimmer with properly mixed fuel. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation for the type and amount of 2-cycle engine oil to be mixed with unleaded gasoline. Place the cap securely on the fuel tank when done filling.

Slide the starter switch to the "on" position.

Push the primer bulb six times. Move the choke selector lever to the "half" choke position.

Grasp the handle of the starting rope and pull until the McCulloch hedge trimmer attempts to start. Pull the starting rope no more than six times total.

Move the choke to the "full" position if the trimmer does not start. Push the primer bulb six times and pull the starting rope two times.

Move the choke lever back to the "half" choke position and pull the starting rope until the engine starts; do not pull the rope more than six times.

Allow the engine to run and warm for 10 seconds and move the choke to the "off" position. Let the engine run for another 30 seconds before pulling the throttle trigger.

Things You'll Need

  • Unleaded gasoline
  • 2-cycle engine oil mixture
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