How to Troubleshoot McCulloch Chainsaws

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McCulloch is a Poulan brand. Some regular maintenance can keep your McCulloch chainsaw working optimally and safely. Inspecting and tightening screws, nuts and bolts at each use and periodic inspection of chain components will help you avoid trouble. Problems with McCulloch chainsaws can include engine problems like the unit not starting, low power and a smoking engine. Other issues can include cutting problems. Problems like these can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Replace the fuel filter if the engine won't start, or it starts but won't run. Completely remove the fuel cap from the gas tank. Take a piece of coat hanger and bend it to make a hook at the end. Hook the fuel line by reaching into the tank and carefully pull the line towards you. Pull the filter off and replace it with a new one. Then ensure the filter sits at the bottom of the tank by pushing it back in.

Clean the air filter if you continue to have engine trouble. Sawdust and dirt can clog it. Remove the knob that holds the air filter--it's below the McCulloch's grab handle. Remove the cover and pull the filter box out. Clean the filter with a brush and reinstall it. Don't use fuel to clean it, and discard and replace any ripped filters.

Lubricate the guide bar sprocket tip if cutting performance is poor. Sluggish cutting and harsh operation indicates chain lubrication problems. Seizing can result if you don't perform this step at least every ten hours of use. Move the "Stop" switch down and clean the guide bar sprocket tip--the guide bar is the bar that the chain rests in.

Insert the lube gun into the lubrication hole right at the end and inject grease until it oozes out. Rotate the chain until the McCulloch chainsaw's entire guide bar is lubricated. Try the cut again.

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