How to make your own animated text messages

Updated July 19, 2017

Sending an animated text message is a creative way to communicate with friends and family members, and it can be accomplished by using an animated GIF. Whether you want to design a GIF that consists of simple, animated text or personal photographs, you can choose from a handful of websites that offer free animation services. After creating your animated GIF, you can send it to any cell phone recipient who is able to receive multimedia messages.

Create an animated GIF online. Websites such as Textanim and Cool Text allow you to create free animated GIFs using text.

Enter the text you want to include in your message. When you're finished entering the text, select an animated font style, the font size and the font colour. Depending on the site you choose, you may also be able to select the animated direction for your image.

Preview your new animated GIF. If you're satisfied with the image, click the "Download" link and save the file to your computer.

Select a free, online text messaging service, such as Text 4 Free, that allows you to upload and send graphics.

Enter the recipient's mobile phone number and cell phone provider.

Upload your file and click the "Send Message" button to send your animated text message.

Create an animated GIF with digital images online. Websites including Verizon Wireless, Gickr and Gifninja allow you to create an animated GIF with personal photographs.

Determine which photographs you would like to use in your animated GIF, and upload the images.

Choose an animation speed, such as slow, normal or fast. After choosing the animation speed, preview your new image.

Save the animated GIF to your computer.

Select a website that allows you to send free text messages, such as Text 4 Free.

Enter the recipient's 10-digit cell phone number and cell phone provider. You also have the option to type a personal message.

Upload your image by clicking the "Browse" button, locating the animated GIF on your computer and clicking "Open."

Click the "Send Message" button to send your animated text message.

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