How to Set Up RockShox Bar Air Shocks

Updated March 28, 2017

The RockShox Bar air shock is used for the rear suspension on dual-suspension mountain bicycles. The Bar uses compressed air to regulate the rebound and damping through the bicycle's suspension system. To adjust the shock, air is pumped into the sealed chamber via a specialised pump shock. Once pumped up, further tune and adjust the Bar via the rebound with the metal dial. Know your body weight and estimated weight of your bike riding gear to help you make precise riding adjustments to the Bar.

Unscrew the Schrader valve cap on the RockShox Bar. Screw the air shock hose onto the valve.

Pump the Bar up to 150 PSI as a start, and add an extra 10 PSI for every 4.54 Kilogram you weigh over 68kg. For example, pump the Bar to 68kg., then add an additional 30 PSI if you weigh 81.6kg.

Take a test ride and feel for the rebound and damping on the shock. If the shock feels too stiff, remove the valve cap and release 10 to 15 PSI. If the shock is too mushy, pump an additional 10 to 15 PSI. Take another test ride and make adjustments until you reach your desired setting.

Turn the rebound dial next to the valve clockwise to lessen the rebound. Use this when riding fireroads or small and bumpy terrain. Turn the dial counterclockwise to add to the rebound when taking big jumps and large hits.

Things You'll Need

  • Shock pump
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