How to Modify a Bearcat BC350A

Written by stephen lilley | 13/05/2017

The Bearcat BC350A is a type of personal radio frequency scanner. You can tune the receiver on your Bearcat to specific frequencies and listen to things like police channels and other types of public service channels. Modifying your Bearcat BC350A involves adding some of your favourite frequencies to the unit's internal memory so that you can quickly access them with just the press of a few buttons.

Press "Power" to turn on your Bearcat BC350A.

Use the controls on the front of your scanner to tune to a frequency you would like to add to your "saved" frequency list.

Press the "Program" button on the front of your Bearcat BC350A to enter the unit's "Programming" mode.

Press "Hold." This will keep the current frequency displayed on the scanner's identification screen. Press the button that corresponds with the category you would like to save your currently displayed frequency to. For example, if you are currently tuned to a police frequency, press the "POLICE" button.

Press the "Program" button again. This will save the modification you have made to your Bearcat BC350A's saved frequencies. Repeat these steps for any other frequency you would like to program into your device.

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