How to Uninstall SoundMAX Manually

Written by alizarin black | 13/05/2017
How to Uninstall SoundMAX Manually
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SoundMAX develops audio drivers and sound cards for personal computers. You initially install SoundMAX on your computer from the Web and use the driver to enhance the sound quality of your computer. You may want to uninstall SoundMAX manually because you cannot uninstall it any other way. You may just want to use another audio driver on your computer and you must remove SoundMAX in order to use that driver. Your computer's Control Panel allows you to uninstall programs manually.

Access the "Start" menu, click "Accessories" and then click "Run."

Type "regedit" without quotation marks into the "Run" dialogue box to access Windows Registry.

Click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" and then click "Software" inside of Windows Registry. A list of folders will appear that you have installed on your computer. Look for the folder that says "SoundMAX."

Click on the files on the right and then click "Edit," "Delete" to uninstall SoundMAX manually. You are deleting the SoundMAX files off of your computer.

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