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Updated March 23, 2017

Kapla is a type of wooden blocks made in France. Although they can be difficult to find in stores today, you can still buy used blocks online. You can also find online instructions that will help you learn how to build specific structures with Kapla blocks. Online instructions are helpful because you don't have to worry about finding an older or damaged instruction book, and you can usually get them for free.

Download the instruction manual from Rexonavn The instruction book, or owner's manual, gives descriptions of the different types of blocks and shows how you can use them to build specific pieces. As you download the manual, you'll be able to open it up and read through various options for building structures. You can then use the suggestions in the manual to help you build various types of pieces.

Visit the Kapla home page The page is in French, but you can choose your preferred language on the very first page by clicking on the flag that represents the language you'd like to view the page in. Once you are on the page, choose "Gallery," which will give you some online pictures of finished buildings. You can also choose "Videos" to watch those buildings being built. You will be able to get instruction on how to create specific structures by watching the videos.

Click on the Google Video link that has a list of different Kapla building videos. Choose a video of something that you would like to build with your Kapla blocks, then watch the video to see how it is done. As you watch the video, you can mimic what the people in the video do, so that you will know how to build the specific structures listed in the video itself.

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