How do I find the paint Colour of a Picasso SX HDi?

Updated April 17, 2017

Choosing the correct paint colour for your Picasso SX HDi car, manufactured by Citroen, makes the difference between a barely noticeable finish and one that looks blotchy and unprofessional. Every car and truck has a plate mounted on it with the code number of the paint used on the vehicle. It only takes a few minutes to locate and record your paint code. With the code, you will know you are getting the paint that will be an exact match.

Open the driver's door completely and look at the pillar, near where the hinges attach, to locate the colour code plate. If you don't see the plate, look on the pillar where the driver's door latches, between the front and back doors.

Write down the code, which typically consists of four letters. Usually, the last three are what you need, depending upon the year of the car. For example, if KEBD appears on the label as the colour code, EBD is the part of the colour code that you need.

Compare the colour code to a Citroen paint chart, available at most auto paint retailers or on the Unique Cars and Parts website. The name of the paint colour may vary from what is listed on your vehicle or your vehicle's invoice, but the colour code describes how the paint was mixed, not the color's name. For example, if your car's colour is jewel green and the code is PAB, and the paint retailer lists emerald green with code PAB, these are the same colours.

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