How to Dress for a Casino Themed Party

Dress for a casino-themed party based on the fashion that is reflected in the invitations. Some examples of styles that you may encounter at these types of events include a Queen of Hearts style, 1920s speakeasy, high-rolling Vegas feel, or even a western gambling saloon. Guests attending these get-togethers must show up in character to really get into the ambience of the night and feel like they stepped into another world.

Dress in a red velvet gown for a Queen of Hearts theme, a little black dress for a high-roller evening, or a flapper beaded ensemble for a '20s speakeasy party. Choose a sexy cowgirl or saloon girl costume if you are attending a western event.

Put on diamonds or pearls if you are going for a sophisticated look. For a whimsical appearance put in earrings in the shape of dice and wear a charm bracelet for good luck.

Apply the sexy smoky-eye look if you are wearing an elegant or sensual ensemble. Go heavy on the eye make-up and red lips, for a more costumed appearance.

Put on shoes that match your casino party dress. Wear high fashion stilettos as a high-rolling girlfriend or flapper girl, or show off funky boots if you turn up as the Queen of Hearts or a cowgirl sidekick.

Dress in a tuxedo for a high-roller style, a striped suit for a '20s gangster, a leather vest and tight pair of jeans for an Old West theme or a King of Hearts costume to match your Queen. Throw on a colourful shirt that has gambling designs on it if you are not into head-to-toe ensembles.

Put on a hat to match the rest of your outfit. A cowboy hat, old-fashioned derby gangster hat, crown or top hat can make your ensemble complete.

Wear accessories that finish off the whole look of your character. Gold-chained pocket watches, a single red rose in a lapel or even a leather holster with fake side arms can make you feel the part.

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