How to Make a Wolf Costume for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you want to dress as Little Red Riding Hood's nemisis or you're simply looking for a furry and fun idea for your next costume, consider making a wolf costume. It can be part of a group theme or you can go solo. With a few supplies you can create the costume, so start practicing your best howl.

Lay out your shirt on a flat surface. If you are using a sweatshirt, turn it inside out so the fuzzy side is showing.

Cut out strips or pieces of your black or grey fur fabric. Glue these patches onto the sleeves and shoulders. Cut out an oval shaped piece of white fur fabric. Glue this to the front centre of your shirt.

Lay out your trousers on a flat surface.

Cut out two rectangular strips of the dark far. Glue these to the thighs of the trousers.

Cut out two triangular patches of dark fur to make ears for your costume. Glue the bottom half to the front of your knit cap so the pointy part of both ears sticks out.

Take more of the fur fabric and cut out two square-shaped pieces. Glue these to the front of your gloves.

Put the shirt, trousers and fuzzy slippers on.

Paint on a nose with your face paint in the shape of an upside down triangle.

Put on your hat. If any of your hair is showing, tease or spray it into a wild mess.


When cutting the fur, don't worry about cutting in straight lines. In fact, it will look better if you cut in rugged lines. If you do want to have a tail on your costume, take a long strip of the fur fabric that is left over and attach it to the trousers with a safety pin or the fabric glue. Add a pair of fangs to create a more menacing looking wolf. If you want to add more fur, attach some on the back of your shirt. To make the costume appear cuter, use pink fur instead of white for the stomach.

Things You'll Need

  • Black or grey long sleeved sweatshirt
  • Fur fabric (white, and black or grey or a mix of all three)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (or double-sided tape and cloth tape)
  • Black or grey trousers
  • Black or grey knit cap
  • Black or grey gloves
  • Black or grey fuzzy slippers
  • Black face paint
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