How to Remove Desk Drawers

Updated March 23, 2017

There eventually comes a time for every desk owner to remove his or her desk drawers at the office. Manufacturers have different setups to keep desk drawers inside. However, most desk drawers in office environments are installed or removed using the same principles. If you don't know how to remove drawers from your office desk, try some of these tricks before seeking additional help.

Open the drawer as far as possible and empty its contents.

Pull the drawer up and out at a 45-degree angle. If this doesn't work, continue to Step 3.

Examine the top edge of the drawer's interior and, if visible, the casting rail on which it rolls. Look for a button or tab to press. If you find one, press it as you pull the drawer all the way out. Try pulling straight out and pulling at an upward angle. If this doesn't work, continue to Step 4.

Open the drawer directly beneath the one you want removed and examine by sight and feel the underside. Look for a release mechanism, usually situated at the centre or front of the drawer. For bottom drawers, the mechanism usually is visible from the top once you have removed other drawers.


Some desk models require you to remove one wall of the casing for the drawers before removing them. If the suggestions above don't work, contact the manufacturer.

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