How to Disassemble a Giant Bike Bottom Bracket

Updated March 28, 2017

Giant produces road, triathlon, touring, comfort and mountain bicycles. The company uses outside component groups such as Shimano and SRAM. Giant uses Shimano bottom brackets on the bicycles. The bottom brackets fit into the centre of the frame and have splines where the cranks are attached. To disassemble a bottom bracket, such as to replace the bearing cartridge, the cranks must first be pulled from the Giant bike.

Place the Giant bicycle onto the work stand. Spin the gears and shift until the chain is on the largest chain ring and the smallest gear on the back cluster. Slide the chain tool over a link on the chain and align the tool pin to the link pin. Twist the tool handle clockwise to push the line out of the link. Remove the chain.

Place one 8mm wrench into the hex screw on the drivetrain side of the bicycle cranks. Place the other on the opposite side hex screw. Turn the two wrenches with opposing force to loosen the hex screws. Unscrew the hex screws and remove the cranks.

Twist the bottom bracket remover onto the drivetrain side of the bottom bracket. Turn counterclockwise to free the bottom bracket from the bicycle frame. Grab the threaded coil on the opposite side as the bottom bracket frees form the bicycle.

Hold the bottom bracket and gently pry the edge of the cartridge bearings around the spline of the bottom bracket. Once the lip pops out of the bracket, gently pull it straight out .

Things You'll Need

  • Bicycle work stand
  • Chain tool
  • Bottom bracket remover
  • Two 8mm Allen wrenches
  • Flathead screwdriver
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