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How to Remove the Rear Wheel From a Triumph Tiger 1050

Updated February 21, 2017

The Triumph Tiger 1050 is designed to handle as well in the city as it does on the highway. What makes the Tiger a good choice for either type of riding is ergonomic design, power and rider height which allows for better control in traffic. Triumph also designed the Tiger to allow for home maintenance. With the correct tools, specifically a motorcycle jack stand, a home mechanic can remove the rear wheel from a Triumph Tiger 1050 in 20 minutes.

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  1. Raise the motorcycle so the rear tire is off the ground on a motorcycle jack stand or similar device. Make sure that the stand used will support the motorcycle without risk of falling over or the stand collapsing.

  2. Remove the bolt mounting the brake caliper to the frame of the Tiger 1050 using a socket wrench. Pull the caliper away from the tire and push it to one side so it hangs out of the way of the rear tire.

  3. Trace the edges of the axle bolt head with a permanent marker on the adjuster arm so it will be easy to realign the tire when the tire is reinstalled. Remove the axle bolt by loosening it with a socket wrench and drawing the bolt out of the axle by hand.

  4. Push the tire toward the front of the bike to relieve the tension on the drive chain. Remove the chain from the rear sprocket by hand.

  5. Twist the adjuster block counterclockwise (a U-shaped piece of metal that was clipped under the axle bolt head) until the opening in the block lines up with the open slot in the adjuster and the block can be pulled off.

  6. Grab the rear tire with both hands and pull it out from the frame of the bike.

  7. Tip

    Place all bolts, washers, nuts and blocks on a clean cloth to prevent debris from clinging to the metal and getting introduced to the interior of the axle when reassembled.


    Make sure the rear brake lever is not depressed while the caliper is removed; this can cause the brake pad to fall out.

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Things You'll Need

  • Motorcycle jack stand
  • Socket set
  • Permanent marker
  • Clean cloth (if desired)

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