How to Win a Pisces Woman's Heart

Updated February 21, 2017

Astrologists call Pisces the most compassionate of the zodiac signs. Born between February 20th and March 20th, Pisces are often likened to a fish swimming in a river, capable of going with the flow, flexible and pliant. A Pisces woman is said to be the pinnacle of femininity, soft, caring and gentle. Astrologists say they have an uncanny ability to beguile men and are incurable romantics with a rich fantasy life. As sensitive and compassionate partners they are well-suited to lasting and meaningful relationships.

Be her support system. Astrologists say Pisces women can easily get lost in their rich fantasy worlds and can become severely disillusioned when their fantasies crumble or don't come true. Give her strength and structure. Support her and help her realise her dreams.

Be genuine. According to astrologists, Pisces women are highly intuitive and can easily spot a liar. If you have ulterior motives, she'll know. Be honest and forthright because if she doubts you, astrologists say she'll run rather than give you a second chance.

Understand her. Part of a Pisces woman's rich fantasy life is romance. Astrologists say that a Pisces woman wants nothing more out of life than to be deeply and unconditionally loved. Give her the romance she craves. Go beyond chocolates and roses, be creative and show her you understand her and love her.

Be kind. As highly sensitive people Pisces women do not take criticism well. Astrologists say they need a partner who is always kind, caring and supportive and who doesn't tease. Astrologists also say they are easily hurt by rejection so be accepting of their imaginative dreams and creative ambitions.

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