How to Paint a Fluorescent Bulb

Light bulbs act as a surprisingly useful canvas. Using glass paint that withstands high heat, you can create a variety of images on the bulb. Glass paint is thinner than other types of craft paint. Light shines through the paint. The colour of the paint gives the light a shaded glow. For example, if you paint a fluorescent light bulb red, the light will have a reddish tint to it. You can pain the entire light bulb one colour, or paint on a design. For example, paint flowers onto the bulb to match a room decor

Spray the fluorescent light bulb with glass cleaner. Wipe the bulb clean with the paper towel. Do not clean it while it is in a lamp or other electrical device. Set it aside on a sturdy, flat surface to dry.

Dip a clean paintbrush into the paint of the base coat, if you are using a base coat. Paint the entire fluorescent bulb and wait for the paint to dry. Paint on the other designs on top of the base coast as desired.

Dip the paintbrush in the outlining colour to make designs. Draw the outline of the shape onto the glass. Let the paint dry. Fill in the design with the other colours, using a clean brush for each colour.


Let each coat dry before adding another one to prevent the colours from mixing or smudging on the bulb.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Paper towel
  • Glass paint
  • Thin paintbrushes
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