How to Tell a Yaesu FT-897 From an FT-897D

Updated February 21, 2017

The FT-897D and FT-897 devices are two-way radio transceivers released by Yaesu and designed for amateur radio broadcasts. Though their model numbers are similar, the FT-897D and the FT-897 are two different models with slightly different features. If you are trying to figure out which of the two versions you own, you can check for this information in a few different places.

Examine the box that your radio receiver came in. If you're holding the box for a FT-897D, the "D" will have a prominent position after the model number in multiple places on the box. If you're holding an original FT-897, the box will not have this "D" listed after the model number.

Look at the identification label on the faceplate of the radio receiver. On the right side of this label, after the "Yaesu" company logo and the words "All Mode Transceiver," will be the model number. The FT-897D will have the "FT-897D" model number listed on this label, while the FT-897 ill only have the "FT-897" model number listed on this label.

Look inside the manual that came with your radio receiver to see a technical specifications page. On this page, look for how long of a distance your unit is said to cover in meters. The FT-897D has a 60 meter coverage, which was a new feature for this specific unit. The original FT-897, which was released in 2002, does not feature a 60 meter coverage.

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