How to Make a Tusken Raider Costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Tusken Raiders, or "sand people" are minor characters in George Lucas' Star Wars film franchise. Despite their limited screen time, their striking appearance has set them firmly in Star Wars culture. Most of a Tusken Raider costume is easy to make, being made up of rags and strips of cloth. The complicated part is the mask, which can be reproduced using goggles and a respirator. With a bit of modification, you will soon have a complete costume.

Tear the tan fabric into inch-wide strips. The amount you need will depend on your size. Use a cheap fabric and make more strips than you think you will need.

Distress a large, khaki robe by scratching at it with a wire brush. Pay particular attention to the edges.

Make a bandolier by sewing five small leather pouches to a matching belt. They should all be close to the buckle.

Glue a one-inch piece of aluminium pipe to each lens housing of a pair of welder's goggles. The pipes should be the same diameter as the goggle lenses.

Glue a two inch long, one-half inch diameter aluminium pipe to the bottom outer corner of each goggle lens. The pipes should extend out from the goggles parallel with the ones around the lenses.

Wrap a strip of brown leather around the sides of the respirator so that only the black end shows. Glue the leather in place.

Put on a pair of shoes and wrap your feet and calves in fabric strips so that no skin shows.

Wrap your wrists and forearms in fabric strips, then put on a pair of tan leather gloves.

Put on the robe, held in place as the waist with a thick strip of tan fabric tied into a belt.

Put your head and one arm through the bandolier, hanging it from your shoulder and across your body. The belt buckle should be at your hip with the pouches facing forward.

Put on the goggles and respirator.

Wrap your head and neck in fabric strips, leaving only the goggles and respirator poking out.


Tusken Raider mask kits are also available for purchase online.


Your vision will be impaired by the goggles. Do not drive while wearing this costume.

Things You'll Need

  • Tan fabric
  • Khaki robe
  • Wire brush
  • Leather belt
  • Leather pouches (5)
  • Leather needle and thread
  • Welder's goggles
  • Aluminium pipe pieces
  • Glue
  • Respirator (without cartridges)
  • Brown leather strip
  • Shoes
  • Tan leather work gloves
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