How to Make Quilts for Charity

Giving quilts to people in need is a good way to use your sewing creativity and time. There are many organisations around the country that accept homemade quilts; some give them to newborns, abused teens or homeless men and women. You can make an intricate quilt, but often you can make several easy quilts in the same amount of time. These quilts can be made out of scraps of fabric and tied, instead of stippled, to save time.

Find an organisation that gives quilts to people. Be sure to pick one that you are passionate about. "Project Linus" provides quilts to children with cancer. "Hugs for Homeless Animals" gives the quilts to shelter animals, and abused children and teens receive them from the "Binky Patrol." "Ugly Quilts" gives quilts and sleeping bags to the homeless. You can also check with your local hospital or nursing home to see if they accept quilts for their patients or residents.

Become familiar with the type of quilt needed at your preferred charity. The charities accepting quilts for infants do not need a twin-sized quilt, while at the opposite spectrum, a homeless person needs something larger than a lap blanket. Some have guidelines as to what type of fabric or piecing is needed, while others give you free reign to make your own quilt in any manner you wish.

Make your quilt. Use quality fabrics and tight stitching. You want the quilt to hold up under numerous washings and tough use. Follow the guidelines set forth by the charity you have chosen.

Deliver the quilt. If you are taking it to a local place, wrap it in tissue and drop it off accordingly. If you are mailing it to a charity, wrap it in tissue and place it in a shipping box. Mail it to the correct address.


Save scraps from other quilts you make, so when it comes time to put together a charity quilt, you will have enough fabric. Purchase fabric with coupons or when it is on sale.

Things You'll Need

  • Quilt making supplies
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