How to Make an Origami Spider Step-by-Step

Updated April 17, 2017

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding that originated in Japan. It is a hobby shared by many and there are some very talented people that practice it as an art. Some origami is very easy, but it can also be very difficult and complex. The spider design falls somewhere in the middle. It begins with a very simple fold but becomes more complicated. Unlike traditional origami, which strictly involves folding, this more modern design requires scissors.

Lay the origami paper flat. Bring the opposite corners together and crease in the middle. Unfold and repeat for the opposite side. Fold the paper in half, crease and unfold. Your paper should have three creases in it, two running diagonally from corner to corner and one from side to side.

Pinch the point in the centre where the three creases meet. Collapse the paper along the fold lines. You should end up with a diamond shape with two folds on the inside. This is the square base.

Widen and flatten one of the flaps on the side of the square base. Fatten and crease it into what is known as a "squash fold." Do the same with the remaining three flaps. The resulting piece should have a kite shape.

Fold the bottom corners of one flap in so they are flush with the middle, then unfold. Repeat for the remaining three flaps.

Lift the bottom flap up and open the fold. Pry it open gently, following the creases. The sides should naturally fold in as you pull the fold upward and form a smaller kite shape. This is called the "petal fold." Repeat three more times for every side. The result should be a diamond shape.

Lay the diamond flat, with the portion without folds or creases facing upward. Fold the flaps of this frog-shaped base inward, so that they are touching at the centre. Fold together to the right. Repeat three more times. The resulting base forms the basis for your spider. The frog shape has four legs.

Cut each "leg" carefully from the tip to the fold in the centre with scissors. Take care not to cut too far, as this will damage the body of your spider.

Fold the flaps from left to right as needed to make the folds pointing upward the "front."

Turn the piece upside down, so the legs are pointing upward. Curl the bottom down, giving it a flat look. This will help raise your spider off the ground.

Fold the eight legs outward, starting with the ones on top and working your way down. Fold the legs away from you at varying angles to make the legs stick out at different points.


Origami paper is the easiest to work with and is readily available at any craft or hobby store. If you choose to use a different kind of paper, use a ruler to make sure the measurements are perfectly square.

Things You'll Need

  • Square piece of paper (origami paper is usually 6-by-6 inches)
  • Scissors
  • Flat, well-lit surface
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