Zeolite Odor Removal

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether your house smells badly from cleaning with ammonia, common pet odours, burnt food or if your shoes contain a funky foot odour, placing a bowl of zeolite or sprinkling the powder directly on the item can help remove any scents or odours. Zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral, absorbs and traps odours, removing the odours rather than masking them.

Purchase zeolite granules or powder. Zeolite is found in the cleaning aisle of health and all-natural stores. Additionally, many products, such as foot odour eliminator, cat litter deodoriser and powdered carpet deodoriser contain zeolite as the main ingredient.

Sprinkle a liberal amount of zeolite directly on or in the foul smelling item, such as carpets or shoes. If a room smells, add 1 cup of zeolite to a bowl and allow the bowl to sit in the room to absorb the odour.

Let the zeolite sit to absorb the odour. It can sit in a room or on any product for up to six months. Once the smell is removed, vacuum up the zeolite powder.

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