How to keep my dog calm after being neutered

Updated April 17, 2017

Getting your dog neutered can be a scary experience for dogs and their owners alike. Before you bring your dog home, the veterinarian will likely ask you to keep him calm to allow healing to occur and to prevent stitches from coming out. This can be difficult with a young or active dog who is excited to be home from the veterinarian. Keeping your dog calm is necessary to promote a fast recovery from surgery.

Minimise distractions in your home. Keeping a quiet environment will encourage your dog to be calm after being neutered. Keep the volume low on your television or when playing music, discourage visitors from coming over, and avoid getting your dog overexcited.

Offer durable stuffed toys, chew toys or treats to keep your dog calmly occupied. Depending on how excited he gets when chewing on toys or bones, a good sturdy chew can provide hours of quiet entertainment for your dog. Be careful not to get your dog excited with toy balls, tug ropes and toys that squeak or rattle.

Give your dog a massage. Talking calmly to your dog and rubbing him all over his body using long and slow motions can calm your dog and make him feel less pain from his surgery. There are many dog books available that teach massage for dogs. Gently grooming (brushing) your dog will also make him feel good.

Keep your dog tethered to you with a long rope or leash. As long as your dog is tied to you, you can always see what he is doing and control his movement. A rope tether will prevent him from running around in unsupervised areas. You can also make him lie down beside you and act calm.

Stay with your dog as much as possible. Leaving your dog unattended will put him at risk for excitement and may cause him to injure himself while healing. Spend as much time as you can with your dog, as your presence alone can be a very calming experience for him.


Have your dog lie down as much as possible to prevent running around and jumping. Ask your doctor for medicines or herbal agents that can provide calming effects.


Consult your veterinarian if you are concerned at any time about your dog's condition or anxiety.

Things You'll Need

  • Chew toys
  • Soft dog toys
  • Dog treats
  • Dog grooming brush, if desired
  • Long dog tether, rope or leash
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