How to use HCG for beard growth

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The failure to grow a beard is often the result of low testosterone. For men with this issue, there are many side effects, one of which includes the decrease in facial hair growth. For many men who desire a beard, this may be frustrating. Among the treatments for low testosterone is hCG, or human chorionic gonadotrophin. hCG is a hormonal injection given to men and women for various reasons. In men it is to treat low testosterone levels and with a small dose may help increase facial hair growth by stimulating the testes.

Get tested by your doctor for possible low testosterone if you have difficulties growing facial hair. Your doctor will take a blood sample in the morning when testosterone levels are at their highest and notify you once the lab has the results.

Request hCG therapy if your results indicate low testosterone levels. Your doctor will give you information about this treatment, how it is administered and the duration. Once you agree to the treatment, you will be given all of the supplies required for the treatment such as syringes, plastic gloves and bottles containing the hCG injection.

Learn how to properly give yourself the hCG injections by taking a class or reading information given to you by your doctor. Your doctor will typically give you references as to where to take these instructional classes which teach you everything you need to know about filling the syringe, where to inject the drug and potential side effects.

Follow the directions given to you by your doctor about the dosage of hCG, how often to administer it and for how long. You will most likely be given a small dose to start off with, given once a day for several weeks. The drug protocol may vary depending on your current level of testosterone.

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