How to Reset a Wii PIN

Updated April 17, 2017

The Wii PIN is a feature designed for parental control. Parents can control content accessibility to console users by setting up a 4-digit PIN number and content restrictions suitable for the household. Once the feature is turned on, blocked content can only be accessed with the PIN. This feature is a great way to monitor your children's game play. However, if you want to adjust the parental control settings, but have forgotten the number, you can reset the PIN.

Access the Wii main menu. Click the "Wii" button on the bottom left corner of the screen. This opens the System Settings screen.

On the System Settings screen, click the "Wii Settings" button, the one with a wrench icon.

Access the second page of the Wii System Settings screen by clicking the blue arrow; then select "Parental Controls." You will be asked to enter your 4-digit PIN. Select "I Forgot."

Answer the secret question you did when you set up your Wii, and select "OK." If you answer correctly, you'll gain access to the Parental Control Settings. From this screen, enter a new PIN number and secret question answer, and then click "OK."

If you can't remember the answer to the question, select "I Forget." The Wii then displays a message screen instructing you to contact Nintendo customer support. The message provides a confirmation number at the bottom of the screen.

Write down the confirmation number, as you will need it later. In the meantime, leave the Wii Console turned on with the confirmation number displayed.

Call Nintendo support at 800-255-3700. Nintendo customer support will ask for your confirmation number. Then they will provide you with a 5-digit master key code to reset your parental control PIN. Write down the master key code.

Select the "Enter Master Key" button, and enter the five-digit master key you received from Nintendo customer support. Select "Confirm Master Key." The Wii displays the message "Parental Controls are Now Disabled." Select "OK." This returns you to page two of the Wii Systems Setting screen.

Select "Parental Controls." Enter a new four-digit PIN number and secret question to reset your PIN. Then select "OK." Now you can set your new restrictions.


The answer to the secret question is case sensitive.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Wii remote
  • Telephone
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