How to Transfer Embroidery Designs From a Computer to a Card

Updated April 17, 2017

Learning how to create original embroidery designs, resize and convert embroidery stitch files takes practice and skill acquired over time. Transferring designs from the embroidery software program for stitching generally entails writing the embroidery stitch file onto an embroidery card. The designs are written and transferred onto the card using a compatible reader/writer box. Always read compatibility requirements prior to purchasing the box. Certain reader/writer boxes read and write only specific embroidery stitch files, and may also have specific operating system, embroidery software and machine compatibility requirements. Other models read multiple types of embroidery stitch files.

Convert the embroidery designs to the appropriate stitch files according to your embroidery software program and embroidery machine specifications. For example, embroidery machine models such as Brother stitch .PES files. Husqvarna Viking stitches .HUS or .SHV files, while Bernina stitches .ART files. Most machines read Tajima .DST files.

Open the embroidery stitch file designs for transfer in the embroidery software program's image pad. Save each design in a separate computer file on your personal computer. If you are transferring multiple patterns, save each in a separate file for separate stitching. Make sure the designs are in the actual stitching size. Once you transfer the design to the card and insert it into the embroidery machine, the machine will stitch out the exact design on the card.

Connect a compatible reader/writer box to your personal computer. Connect the appropriate cable according to your brand's specifications to the computer's USB port.

Insert an embroidery card into the reader/writer box. Another option is to insert reusable embroidery cards that allow you to write and copy over previous files. Keep in mind that once the files are written over previous files, the old designs are permanently erased.

Click on the "Write" tool in the embroidery software program. If your reader/writer box brand has separate software for writing, use the "Write" or "Transfer" feature tool within the program by clicking to activate.

Type in the plug-in window the name of the design file for writing. The larger the stitch file, the longer it will take to write the design onto the card. Though programs vary, a window will most likely open on your screen alerting you when the pattern transfer is complete and the written card is ready for use. Remember to remove the embroidery card from the reader/writer box and insert it into the embroidery machine to stitch out the designs.

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery software program
  • Embroidery machine
  • Reader/writer box
  • Cable
  • USB port
  • Embroidery card
  • Reusable embroidery card (optional)
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