Instructions for a Toyota RS2000 Sewing Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

Although Toyota is a name most often associated with the production of cars and trucks, the Japanese company has been manufacturing electric sewing machines since 1946. Like Toyota cars, Toyota sewing machines quickly became known for their reliability and simple but elegant look. By 1999, the company had made more than 10 million machines. Introduced in 1997, the Toyota RS2000 is a series of sewing machines that are not only reliable, but simple to use.

Insert the connector for the power cord and the foot pedal into the slot on the right side of the sewing machine. You should be able to easily find the slot on the end of the machine.

Place the foot controller on the floor near your chair.

Plug in the power cord to an electrical socket. Press the button on the machine until it is on the "on"position. The machine is now ready to sew.

Press on the foot pedal with your foot to advance the machine. The amount of pressure you put on the machine determines its speed.

Place the spool of thread on the spool pin.

Pull gently on the end of the thread and pass it around the thread guide which is located on the upper left of the machine.

Pull the thread down and pass it between the tension disc and thread guide plate, which are located near the left side bottom of the machine.

Pull the thread up inside the groove and loop it over the take up lever.

Raise the presser foot and pull the thread down to the needle guide on the left-hand side of the needle. Thread the needle from the front to the back.

Turn the wheel counter-clockwise until the needle rises to its highest point.

Remove the extension table, located on the bottom left of the machine. Lower the shuttle cover, which is located on the bottom left side of the machine.

Put the bobbin inside the bobbin case. Make sure the thread winds in a clockwise direction. Pull a few inches of the thread from the bobbin so it extends beyond the bobbin case. Pass the thread through the tension spring located on the side of the case.

Seat the bobbin case in the shuttle race. Close the shuttle cover and replace the extension cover.

Hold the thread from the needle with your left hand.

Turn the wheel counter -clockwise, letting the needle go down and up.

Pull the thread from the bobbin as the thread from the needle catches it during its cycle.

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