How to Thread a Viscount Sewing Machine

shuttle for sewing machine image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

The Viscount range of sewing machines are manufactured by Silver Viscount and provide professional-grade sewing equipment for home users.

As Viscount machines are equipped with an auto-threading mechanism, the threading procedure is a simple one; however, the bobbin-threading procedure, which also must be completed before the machine can be used for sewing, is simpler than the needle but not automated. Both these threading procedures are designed for quick learning and easy operation.

Place a reel of thread on the mount at the top-right of the machine. Wind the thread out and around the pin at the top-left side of the machine, then down and under the hook directly above the needle.

Wind the thread over the lip below the threading pin and spool it down so it hangs in front of the needle, with a little slack below the needle's eye.

Pull down the auto-threading mechanism, which has a notch for the thread. Feed the thread across this notch then push the mechanism down to automatically feed the thread through the eye of the needle. Release the mechanism to have it retract into the machine.

Open the door to the bobbin slot (located directly beneath the needle mechanism) and remove the case. Grasp the end of the bobbin thread between your finger and thumb. Place the bobbin into the bobbin case so the thread winds counterclockwise with a length protruding from the case.

Load the bobbin case into the slot without releasing your grip on the end of the thread. Feed the bobbin thread into the notch in the bobbin case door as you close the door, leaving a length of thread extending from the door.