How to make a toy boat out of aluminium foil

Many children enjoy floating toy boats in swimming pools, bath water or even mud puddles. Making a toy boat out of aluminium foil is an interesting way to teach youngsters about recycling materials in your home. The entire family can join in on this craft project and make a fleet of boats to race. Basic household supplies are all that is needed for the toy boat. The foil ensure that the craft stays waterproof during the sailing adventures.

Remove or cut off the lid on your small box if it has one. Useful boxes for the boat are empty tea, lightweight jewellery or soap boxes.

Tear off a strip of aluminium foil that is approximately two times the width and length of the box. Lay the foil on a flat work surface.

Position the box with the opening facing up in the centre of the foil.

Fold the foil up along one side and down into the box. Press it down with your fingers in the box to make it form to the shape.

Fold the opposite side of the foil up and into the box. Repeat the method with the two ends until the foil conforms to the box shape and is fully covered in foil. The foil prevents the box from getting soggy in the water and disintegrating.

Add small, lightweight, animal or people figurines to the boat as passengers. Another idea is to use the permanent markers to draw faces and hair on the ping pong balls. The ping pong balls are lightweight and make excellent passengers.


You can cut a plastic straw in half and glue it into the centre of the boat. Cut a small triangle shape out of white paper and glue it to the top end of the straw. This forms the sail. Aluminium foil pans that are useful in making miniature loaf cakes make an effective toy boat.

Things You'll Need

  • Small box
  • Scissors
  • Aluminium foil
  • Miniature figurines or ping pong balls
  • Permanent marker
  • Plastic straw (optional)
  • White sheet of paper (optional)
  • White school glue (optional)
  • Mini-loaf aluminium pan (optional)
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