How to Make Paper Mache Party Animals

Updated November 21, 2016

Making paper mache animals for your child's party is a fun way to decorate. It's cost effective, though very time consuming. Your child can keep the paper mache as a memento. It can also allow your child to be a part of their party planning. To create the animals requires a bit of imagination. Here's how to make a party flamingo.

Mix one cup of flour with five cups of water, and bring to a boil. Stir often (for about five minutes) to keep mixture from scorching.

Allow your mixture to cool, and add one tablespoon of salt to prevent your paper mache project from moulding.

Take a balloon and blow it up (don't go beyond full capacity). Take your shredded newspaper and dip it into the mixture.

With your fingers, run it down the paper to remove excess mixture. Apply the paper to your balloon (up to four layers).

Let your balloon dry over night. Once dried, take your safety pin, and gently pop the balloon inside the paper mache.

Take some pink paint and coat the paper mache. Allow to dry for about four hours.

Cut strips of tissue paper, about three inches long, and one inch wide. Take the paper and continually tape it around the paper mache to create the feathers of your flamingo.

To create the neck, roll a piece of pink construction paper (width wise), to create a rim that is about an inch and a half in diameter. Tape the roll, and set aside.

For the head and beak, take an orange or yellow piece of construction paper, and roll it into a cone. Take the smaller end and gently bend it to create the beak.

For the legs, take two pieces of orange or yellow construction paper and roll (length wise). Tape them and set aside.

For the feet, you'll need either yellow or orange construction paper. Make a curved heel with three toes (about four feet in length), and set aside.

For the wings, take two pieces of construction paper, and cut out large tear drop shapes. Tape some pink tissue paper strips to the wings to create feathers.

Take the neck and tape it to the top of the paper mache body. Tape the head to the top of the neck.

Take two googly eyes, and glue one onto each side of the head. Take some black paint, and paint the tip of the beak.

Tape the wings onto each side of the body. Then tape the legs onto the bottom of the body.

Cut out your feet, and tape them to your legs. You now have yourself a pink flamingo.

You can make a hat for your flamingo by rolling a piece of black construction paper (width wise). Make the rim about five to six inches in diameter.

Use a white piece of construction paper, and cut out a strip. Tape it around the rim of your hat.

Using the bottom of a bowl, trace a circular shape around another piece of black construction paper, making sure it is larger than the rim of your hat. This will be the bottom of your hat.

Glue the bottom of your hat to the brim, and allow to dry. Once dry, you can either glue or tape the hat to your flamingo.


All craft products can be bought at places like Michaels or Walmart. You may want to buy a smock for your child if you let them help paint the animal. You can also use Crayola Washable Paints which makes clean-up easier.

Things You'll Need

  • Coloured construction paper
  • Coloured tissue paper (pink)
  • Scissors
  • Shredded newspaper
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Mixing bowl
  • Cooking pan
  • Salt
  • Safety pin
  • Balloons
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Scotch tape
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
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