How Do I Get the Hose Out of a Dyson Vacuum?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Dyson Company is known for innovative vacuum cleaners that began with technology from art-school graduate James Dyson. According to the company website, Dyson developed 5,127 prototype units to create the distinct ball steering and dual-cyclone systems that have put Dyson in the elite category for vacuum-cleaner development. Many components on the cleaners have clip-on attachments for quick removal. This is true of the hose that connects to the base of the vacuum, as well. The exact structure of each model Dyson may vary slightly, but most units have hose connections in the rear section.

Unplug the Dyson vacuum from the wall outlet before attempting to remove the hose.

Stand behind the cleaner and bend down to locate the hose base. The website diagram shows the connection for the hose at the bottom of the device, in the back.

Press the clip on the hose cuff to unlock the hose. The cuff is in a holder that sits at the base of the vacuum.

Pull upward on the hose while pushing down on the clip. You may need to rotate the hose slightly counterclockwise while pulling up. The hose should come off the base without much resistance. If you feel it sticking, push a little harder on the clip.


You may have to remove the wand from the hose on some Dyson models. Locate the clip at the midpoint between the hose coming off the wand and the hose that connects to the base of the unit. Press inward on the connection clip and pull the two pieces apart.


Not all Dyson models are built the same. Read the owner's manual for proper instructions for hose removal. Do not to press too hard on the hose clip. This may cause it to snap off the cuff. Without the clip, the hose may be loose when you try to use your vacuum. A loose clip might affect the suction of the unit.

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