How to Pick an Army Foot Locker

Updated February 21, 2017

Foot lockers are a type of storage trunk used by the military and usually placed at the foot of a bed. The foot locker is used by both military personnel on the field or in training as well as children going to military-styled camps. Selecting an Army foot locker takes only a few considerations.

Determine the sizing needs of the foot locker. Army foot lockers come in a few different sizes. Measure the width of the bed and the height from floor to the mattress. Rule out any foot lockers that are wider than the bed or taller than the mattress or any foot lockers that are the same measurements.

Consider materials that make the foot locker. Material such as wood is often heavy without any items in it, which can make moving the foot locker a challenge. Stick to plastic materials or similar thin and lightweight materials for the foot locker.

Look at durability. Army foot lockers that are not made for waterproofing and rough handling are not durable enough for military camps or military use.

Determine if there are mobility options. Foot lockers store personal items and can get heavy. Mobility options, such as wheels, make it easier to move the foot locker later. If there are no mobility options, moving the foot locker after placement becomes a hassle.

Consider the cost. Cost will vary depending on the size and type of foot locker. Some foot lockers are expensive due to the materials or size, while others are cheaper. Cost will often eliminate foot lockers from potential purchase.

Select the foot locker that meet size needs and personal needs for storage.

Things You'll Need

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