How to get into kanto radio station in heart gold

Written by nicholas johnson
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How to get into kanto radio station in heart gold
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Pokemon: Heart Gold and Pokemon: Soul Silver are the Nintendo DS remakes of the original Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver games. In Heart Gold, the second half of the game is played in Kanto, the world from the first series of Pokemon games. The Radio Tower in Lavender Town can only be accessed after restoring the power to the Power Plant, which has been shut down after a thief stole a set of machine parts.

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Things you need

  • Nintendo DS
  • Pokemon: Heart Gold game

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  1. 1

    Ensure that your pokemon team has at least one pokemon with the Flash ability, one pokemon with the Surf ability and one pokemon with the Fly ability.

  2. 2

    Go to Lavender Town. Lavender Town is located on the eastern side of the Kanto map and should be the next stop after defeating the Fuchsia gym leader.

  3. 3

    Head north on Route 10. The trainers on route 10 have a level-45 Machamp and a level-43 Quagsire.

  4. 4

    Enter the Rock Tunnel at the end of Route 10. Select the pokemon with Flash, and use the ability to light the cave. The Rock Tunnel contains Geodudes, Zubats, Cubones, Machops, Machokes, Onix, Marowaks and Kangaskhans.

  5. 5

    Head left and go down the ladder to the basement level. Go up and left to find the ladder up to the first floor. Move right and up and take the path to the left until you reach two sets of stairs. Use the uppermost stairs and follow the wall and take the ladder down. Follow the upper path till your next decision point. Take the right path until your next decision point. Take the left path to find the ladder up. Move up and right to exit the Rock Tunnel onto the Cerulean-side of Route 10.

  6. 6

    Heal at the Pokemon Center if necessary and continue north on Route 10.

  7. 7

    When you reach water, select the pokemon with the Surf ability and head south along the water to the Power Plant. Talk to every person in the Power Plant, and then exit. As you exit, a guard will inform you that the thief was seen in Cerulean City.

  8. 8

    Surf back to Route 10 and head right onto Route 9. The path has six trainers with a variety of pokemon levels 40 to 45. The trainers' pokemon types are primarily rock, ground, grass, flying and water. Continue down Route 9 until you reach Cerulean City.

  9. 9

    Locate and enter the Pokemon Gym at the centre of the city. A Team Rocket grunt will exit the gym. Follow him out of the gym.

  10. 10

    Head to the north side of Cerulean City to reach Route 24 and the Nugget Bridge. Find the Team Rocket grunt and speak to him to initiate a battle. His only pokemon is a level-39 Golbat. When he is defeated, he will say that the missing Power Plant machine part is hidden in the Cerulean Gym.

  11. 11

    Move south into Cerulean City and proceed to the gym. Locate the lifeguard tower in the upper left corner and search the buoy near it to find the machine part.

  12. 12

    Retrace your steps west on Route 9 and south on Route 10. Surf on the water back to the Power Plant.

  13. 13

    Speak to the large man in the Power Plant. He will take the machine part and restore the Power Plant.

  14. 14

    Exit the Power Plant and use the pokemon with the Fly ability to fly back to Lavender Town.

  15. 15

    Go to the Radio Tower on the southeastern edge of Lavender Town. Speak with the man in front of the stairwell to gain access to the radio tower. He will also give an Expansion Card, giving you the ability to use the Pokeflute channel in your Pokegear. The Pokeflute channel can be used to awaken the sleeping Snorlax east of Vermillion City on Route 11.

Tips and warnings

  • Cerulean City can be reached without the Flash ability. From Lavender Town, head west to Saffron City and north to reach Cerulean City.
  • The Rock Tunnel is a long area with many random encounters. Use a Repel item to reduce the chance of being attacked by wild pokemon. Since the pokemon in the Rock Tunnel are primarily rock and ground type, using a team with a lot of water or grass types can make the battles easier.

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