How to Make a Children's Angel Costume

Make an angel costume for a child in a few hours or less. Angel costume patterns are available for sale at fabric stores or fabric departments in general merchandise stores. However, you can make a simple costume without a pattern using a few household items. Basically, an angel costume is a white tunic with wings. Use your creativity and make a unique costume.

Make a tunic. Measure the child from the floor to the top of the shoulders. Double the number and cut fabric to this length. Hem the ends if desired.

Fold the fabric in half and cut a slit approximately 7 inches wide in the fold.

Create a set of joined wings. Cut a wing pattern out of newspaper. Test the pattern against the child's back for size and width. Make adjustments. Trace the pattern onto poster board and cut out.

Punch two holes in the wings, 2 inches apart at the location that will fit just below the shoulder blades. The holes should be the diameter of the cording plus a fraction, just large enough for the cording to pass through easily. Cut another hole in the centre of the wings at waist level. The centre hole should be large enough for two pieces of cording. Cut a hole on either side of the centre hole. These side holes should be the diameter of the cording plus a fraction.

Decorate the wings with spray paint, sparkles or gems. Use boas or feathers to outline the wings, if desired.

Wrap a piece of garland around the crown of the child's head to measure for correct length. Add 2 inches. Cut and fasten ends together by overlapping ends 1 inch. Wrap with cotton and tie the ends of the thread together.

Place the tunic over the child's head. Run the cording through the tw o top holes in the wings, with equal lengths of cording hanging toward the inside of the wings. Drape the cording over the child's shoulders and cross in front, pulling the cord to the back and running the cords through the central hole and back through the holes on either side of the central hole. Pull the cording around to the front and tie at the child's waist.


A white sheath-style dress or nightgown may be substituted for the tunic.


Prevent the child from stumbling in the costume by making the tunic no longer than the ankle bone.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • 2 yards white fabric, 36 inches wide
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper
  • 1 sheet white poster board
  • Paint, optional
  • Decorative beads, sparkles, gems, feathers, optional
  • 3 yards decorative cording
  • Silver garland
  • Cotton
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