How to Make an Easy Angel Costume

Updated July 20, 2017

Many theologians believe angels are everywhere. You certainly see them on Halloween night, in Christmas plays and at costume parties. Most of us picture angels in flowing white robes with halos and feathery wings. You can create an angel costume for these occasions quickly and easily in a couple of hours with things picked up at the store or around the house.

Remove the hooks from the coat hangers with wire cutters.

Shape each wire hanger into a wing with pliers.

Cover each hanger with a stocking leg. Twist the stocking around the neck of the hanger and tape it down. Cut off excess stocking.

Tape the two wings together, covering all pointy ends well with tape.

Glue the feather boas around the edge of the wings.

Cut the sheet or the material to height of the wearer and double the width of the wearer from wrist to wrist.

Pin the front and back together over each shoulder.

Add more pins at even intervals up the arms toward each wrist, making a sleeve.

Flip inside out and belt with sash.

Fold the cord in half. Tie it around the centre of the wings with about a 4-inch loop pointing down and the two ends of the cord pointing up. Sturdily wrap a few layers of duct tape around the centre piece over the knot.

Position the wings in the centre of the back with the tops showing just above the shoulders.

Drape the end of cord over the shoulders and then cross over the chest. Bring the cord around the back, through the loop, back to front and tie.

Wear with sandals and a garland around the head as a halo.

Things You'll Need

  • White twin sheet or two yards of white material
  • 12 safety pins
  • Two wire coat hangers
  • Pair of white pantyhose
  • Needle and white thread
  • Two small white feather boas
  • Gold Christmas tree garland
  • Two yards of gold cord
  • Gold sash
  • White glue
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