How to Use Sublimation Ink With a Canon W8400

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canon ImagePrograph W8400 is a wide format, six-color printer that is capable of printing wide format images up to 44 inches wide and as long as 59 feet. It is capable of accepting and printing sublimation ink that is used to print images onto speciality coated polyester and some metals. Though the W8400 cannot print images onto metal, it can print images onto polyester using sublimation ink.

Remove the six bottles of coloured ink from the W8400. Each bottle must be removed prior to adding the sublimation ink bottles.

Clean the print heads. Open the Canon W8400 printer user interface that was installed on your computer when you connected it to the W8400. If the program is not installed, you can download the utility from the Canon website. Once you have the program opened, click the "Maintenance" tab on the top of the program window. Under this tab, there are several service options. Select "Clean Print Heads." This will send a test print over to the W8400 and clean the remaining ink from the jets and the reserve tank.

Install the six bottles of sublimation ink. Each ink must be placed in the correct position. Each ink bottle will only fit into the correct location, making it impossible to install the wrong coloured ink into the wrong bottle position. Click the bottles into place. Once secured, they will "snap" into place.

Clean the print heads. Using the same steps as you used in Step 2, clean the print heads again. This will prime the ink jets and remove any remaining original ink that may be in the inkjet heads.

Things You'll Need

  • Six bottles of sublimation ink
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