How to Remove a Mercedes Instrument Panel

Written by daniel valladares | 13/05/2017
How to Remove a Mercedes Instrument Panel
Removing the instrument panel on your Mercedes is one of the easiest maintenance tasks you can perform. (Front-light of black mercedes image by Mladenov from

Removing the instrument panel from your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is different from removing the panel from most other vehicles. Instead of removing several screws and the dash trim to access the instrument panel, you will need a special Mercedes-Benz instrument panel removal tool that can be purchased directly from a Mercedes-Benz dealer. The entire procedure takes only five minutes. Removing the instrument panel is necessary if you wish to change the dash lights or to replace the entire instrument panel.

Turn the vehicle's engine off.

Lower the steering wheel as far as it can go.

Insert the remover tool into the bottom corner of the instrument panel and pull the panel towards you.

Reach behind the instrument panel and pull the two electrical plugs from the backside of the instrument panel.

Pull the instrument panel out of the vehicle.

Things you need

  • Instrument panel remover

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