How to Make Pedestals for Weddings

Updated April 17, 2017

Pedestals look beautiful as a part of your wedding decor. You can use elegant pedestals to display flowers, hold religious texts or to showcase your wedding cake. Creating your own large and small pedestals can be a great way to save money while giving your wedding the look you want. Inexpensive corrugated cardboard can be used to create large pedestals that are surprisingly resilient, and raw wood from a small tree can create a beautiful and natural-looking cake pedestal.

Choose the height you want your pedestal to be. If you are purchasing a prefabricated kit, you can choose pedestals from 12 inches to four feet tall. If creating your own pedestal, choose a corrugated cardboard box that is tall enough and has the proper shape and footprint. You can also choose to use a corrugated cardboard mailing tube for a circular pedestal.

Choose an MDF square that fits the size of the pedestal you want to have. You can choose one with a decorative edge if desired. Make sure to choose a larger square for the bottom than the square for the top.

Attach the cardboard box or tube to the MDF squares using wood glue and allow it to cure for 24 hours. Seal the seams with white caulk.

Spray paint the pedestal using white spray paint, or any colour you choose. Do this outside to allow for proper ventilation from the fumes. Make sure to coat the entire surface evenly. Use a second coat if necessary.

Select a crosscut wood plaque that is large enough to fit your cake on. These are usually used for wood burning crafts and can be purchased from several craft stores for £2.20 to £6 as of December 2010.

Choose a crosscut limb that is thick enough to support the weight of your cake. This can be any piece of wood you choose, as long it is cut with the ends perfectly level.

Cover the narrow end of the limb with extra-strong wood glue.

Set the wood plaque on top of the glued end of the limb.

Clamp the two pieces of wood together with a wood clamp for a few hours, depending on the glue manufacturer's instructions. The pedestal is now ready for your cake. Decorate with flowers for a nature-inspired look.


Add wooden support braces to the inside of your cardboard pedestal if it is very tall or wide. You can glue thin wooden slats to the inside for this purpose.


Avoid gluing or taping multiple boxes together for taller pedestals, as this can create a weakened structure.

Things You'll Need

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes or cardboard pedestal kit
  • Medium-density fiberboard squares
  • White caulk
  • White spray paint (or other colour of choice)
  • Extra-strong wood glue
  • Cross-cut wood plaque
  • Cross-cut tree limb
  • Wood clamp
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