How to Adjust Oasis Drinking Fountains

Updated April 03, 2017

You're probably familiar with the experience of being thirsty and looking forward to a cool drink only to encounter a water fountain without enough flow pressure to generate a strong stream of water. And chances are that you also know how frustrating is to get wet when the stream is too strong and splashes water all over you. These problems can be remedied in certain Oasis drinking fountains through an the adjustment of the stream height regulator.

Determine the model of your Oasis drinking fountain. Check the label on the fountain or reference the documentation that came with the fountain.

If your Oasis fountain is a PAM or PAC model drinking fountain, then you can manipulate the stream height adjust screw by placing a 5.64" Allen wrench into the nozzle opening (where the water comes out). Gently push the Allen wrench into the shaft, no deeper than 3/4" (1-1/8" on electric eye models), and turn the Allen wrench either clockwise or counter-clockwise until the water height is at the desired level.

If your Oasis fountain is a push-button Versacooler II P8ACSL or PF8ACSL, then insert a screwdriver into the slot in the shelf just below the push buttons. Turn clockwise to increase the height of the stream and counter-clockwise to lower it.

If you have a P8V8ACSL or PFV8ACSL model, then you will first need to remove the bezel and the button from in front of the cooler to access the adjustment.

Fine-tune the adjust screw until water emerges at the desired height. Do not over-tighten the adjuster to the open or closed position, as it's possible to strip out the hex impression in the adjust screw.


Before working on your Oasis fountain, you should check the specifications for your specific model. This spec sheet should have been provided with your Oasis fountain. Don't worry if you do not have the original. Oasis International provides spec sheets for their fountains online and you can access the Oasis website from the link in the resources section of this article.


Certain states require that a licensed plumber install water fountains. These states are Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin.

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