How to Copy a Playstation 2 Memory Card to a USB Flash Card

Updated July 19, 2017

Users looking to copy their saved games from a PlayStation 2 (PS2) Memory Card to a USB Flash Card can do so with the aid of additional software. The two programs that enable this type of transfer are Code Breaker and Max Drive, each of which works in a very similar manner and comes with a special disc that must be inserted into the PS2 to complete the transfer.

Purchase either Code Breaker or Max Drive for PS2 (see Resources). Either program will do the job.

Insert a PS2 memory card into any open slot on your PS2. Insert a USB flash card into any open USB slot on your console.

Insert the disc that came bundled with either Code Breaker or Max Drive into your console. Allow the disc to automatically load all the necessary files onto your PS2. It will locate your PS2 memory card and USB card upon completion.

Select "My Devices" in Max Drive or "Transfer Game Saves" in Code Breaker. Choose your USB card as the primary device. A list of all your saved games will pop up on the screen.

Select the saved games you would like to transfer by highlighting them and then pressing "X" on your PS2 controller. Choose "Copy" in Code Breaker or "Yes" in Max Drive to confirm the transfer. Your files will now be copied onto your USB memory card.

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