How to Change Your Xbox Account

Updated July 20, 2017

Microsoft provides multiple account options for your Xbox Live profile, such as the ability to save multiple credit cards or adjust your subscription period to annual or monthly. Use your Xbox 360's built-in account management options to change your account.

Log in to your account.

Push the "Xbox" button on the controller to open the "Guide." A menu appears.

Go to "Settings."

Select "Account Management." The "Guide" menu disappears and a new menu opens.

Go to "Your Memberships."

Select your membership. It will either be "Gold" or "Silver."

Choose the option you want to change. "Modify Membership" allows you to change from a year subscription to monthly. "Change Payment Options" allows you to edit current credit card information or add a new card. "Redeem Code" opens a field prompting you to enter your subscription card's 25-digit code.

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