How to Unlock a Motorola BC50

Written by jack pudwell | 13/05/2017
How to Unlock a Motorola BC50
It is far easier to obtain a Motorola BC50 unlock code than it may seem. (senior cell phone user image by Mary Beth Granger from

Unlocking a cell phone can be a daunting prospect for those who are new to their phone or are simply unaware of how to unlock it. Surprisingly, finding an unlock code and unlocking your Motorola BC50 cell isn't at all as tiresome as it seems. Just a quick online search or phone call to your cell's carrier will provide you with a code to gain access to your locked cell phone in an instant.

Call your cell phone's carrier and ask them for a new unlock code. To obtain your carrier's customer service number, simply visit their official website and look under "Contact Us." Have your personal details and IMEI number at the ready, as you will be asked for these things before they hand the code over. To access your IMEI code simply key in "*#06#" on your cell phone.

Search through online directories for websites offering unlock codes for the Motorola BC50; "Yell," "Thomson Local" and "192" are just a few sites that will prove useful. Simply enter '"Motorola BC50 unlock codes" into the search field. Whilst many of these sites charge for the service of offering you an unlock code, many are also free. A few examples of sites offering unlock codes for free are "Unlock It," "Mr. Unlock" and "Unlock That Mobile."

Enter the unlock code that you have acquired via either your cell phone's carrier or a website offering you an unlock code. Use the instructions provided by either to activate the code and thus gain access to your Motorola BC50 once again.

Insert your new SIM card to activate your account with your new network provider.

Things you need

  • SIM card from another network provider

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