How to prevent a mattress from sliding

A mattress slipping off a box spring or bed frame can be both annoying and dangerous. This can occur if you move frequently at night when sleeping. Correct the problem to ensure your safety and to protect the mattress from irreparable damage.

Remove the mattress from your box spring or bed frame. During this process, keep the mattress away from the bed so you can freely move around the box spring.

Measure the dimensions of your box spring or bed.

Purchase a foam rubber non-slip mat from a local hardware store.

Trim the non-slip pad if necessary and place it on the box spring or bed.

Return the mattress to the box spring or bed frame. It may be more difficult to slide the mattress onto the box spring with the non-slip mat in place.


Have a friend or family member help you with a large mattress to avoid hurting yourself. For futon mattresses, furniture stores sell a pad that will stick to the frame and prevent the mattress from slipping.

Things You'll Need

  • Non-slip pad
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