How to Dress to Hide My Fat Belly

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise is the best, and most effective, way to ward off tummy fat. However, if you are in the in-between stage and still want to look your best, consider dressing to conceal the tummy area. Creative fashion is the number one way to draw attention anywhere but your tummy area. Think outside the box and work with your body to dress in the most flattering way possible.

Choose the right undergarments. Using the right undergarments will help to smooth out any unwanted wrinkles. There are a variety of undergarments available online and in stores that allow women to customise the shape of their body without paying for expensive surgery. Spanx is a popular brand of undergarments designed to hold everything in its place. Oprah Winfrey listed Spanx as her favourite thing to wear under a dress or slacks to look smooth. Besides the popular, Spanx, there are a variety of other undergarments available. With price ranges to fit any budget; using an undergarment is the popular way to go to conceal tummy fat.

Dress to impress. Wearing a dress to conceal an unwanted tummy bulge is a fantastic and versatile option. The wrap dress, made popular by Diane Von Furstenberg, is a dress designed to wrap around your body. Wrap yourself up with a long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless version that accentuates the chest area. Fabric gathering in the waist area creates a blur for the naked eye and leads the watcher to the leg. Drawing the attention down is a great way to hide tummy fat while still looking fabulous.

Try on an empire waist dress for another option to hide the tummy. Like the wrap dress, the empire waist draws the attention away from the tummy and creates a goddess like appearance.

Pick the right jeans. Choose wisely when picking jeans because they will either flatter your figure or create unwanted attention toward your waist line. The best jeans are a mid-rise or lower waist. A great fitting mid-rise jeans will have a double banded waist, which means there are actually two layers in the waist to prevent the pop-out in the back when sitting. These jeans will fit comfortably in the waist and thigh area so you are properly proportioned. If possible, try to find a pair that is a flat front and contains no pockets. Be careful not to confuse the lower waist jeans with the low rise jeans. Low rise jeans are jeans that sit right at your hip bone and will create the infamous "muffin top."


Avoid shirts with horizontal stripes, as these will just add width to your stomach. Tunics and empire waist shirts are excellent choices to help conceal. Draw attention to other areas by wearing chunky jewellery or creative shoes.

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